Procedural dungeon generator 2D

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Zoomed in example of map generation
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Zoomed in example of map generation
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Example of enemies attacking

During Christmas, I worked on a personal passion project with Unity to expand the use of a tile-based procedural map generator I'd used previously. For this project I recreated and expanded the map creator to understand what rooms surround each of the rooms being created. The purpose of this was to tailor the map generation to feel more organic and natural. This project also included a range of enemies, powerups and attack methods for the player.

  1. Creation of a procedural tile-based level generation
  2. 2D pixel art creation
  3. Development of reusable, flexible C# scripts
  4. Game design and balancing
  5. Use of Unity’s particle system

This project was a blast to work on and allowed me to explore new ideas and develop my coding skills further. I’m still working on this project within my spare time and sending versions to my friends to play with the plan to make it a full experience that anyone can download and play for free.