The Gyre

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The Gyre Program
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User Webapp
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User Webapp
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Public Exhibition

This project was a partnership between Field Studios and XR-Stories with the main goal to produce a immersive storytelling app that addresses key climate change topics which will be shown within an exhibition. For this project I worked alongside the talented professionals within Field Studios with my main responsibility being to program all the functionality within the app. In the end we created a webapp that users could access on their phone and then go through a non-linear narrative with their decisions affecting the characters they create. Upon completion their character would then be sent to "The Gyre", which showed a collection of all the characters that had been created by all the users at the exhibition.

  1. Unity networking
  2. JSON and PHP data storage
  3. Using Unity's HD render pipeline and post processing
  4. Graphic design and styling
  5. Creating responsive UI
  6. Unity project organisation
  7. Team working and collaborating ideas
  8. Communication
  9. Time management

I'm really grateful for the opportunity that both XR Stories and Field Studios gave me and it allowed me to learn so many more techniques that I'll be able to use in both professional and personal projects. It was also an amazing experience seeing people from the public try out the app for the first time and see their characters be added to the Gyre throughout the exhibition