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Example 1 of a custom song playlist
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Example 2 of a custom song playlist
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Login page
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Player account page

GameJam was an assignment during the second year of university and is a site dedicated to video game music. GameJam allows the user to create an account, make their own custom song playlist and save it to that account to be able to replay at a later time. To make this I used HTML CSS and JavaScript to create a song playlist tool that saved the chosen song data in the user’s browser’s local cache so that it could be saved and relistened to whenever. The account login screen ties the song data to the unique accounts created allowing the user to make different playlists on different accounts and be able to reload them at a later time to listen to.

  1. HTML website structuring
  2. CSS website styling
  3. Using JavaScript to make a website playlist tool
  4. Using JavaScript to make a local account system
  5. Website design

Making GameJam was the first time I ever used JavaScript and it was really exciting to see the potential it has increase as I learned how to use it to create what I want. Even though GameJam was a short project I did for university I’m still really proud of how it turned out and still to this day occasionally use it as an easy way to listen to some of my favourite songs in video games.