Interactive Media Independant Project

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Main menu
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Gameplay Screenshot
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Random map example
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First person gameplay screenshot

The independent media project (IMP) was the final project for my undergraduate degree and span the whole of the third year. For this project I made a 3D tower defence game within Unity where the goal was to use animal themed towers to defend against alien attacks. Each time you played the map layout and foliage would be randomly generated to keep each play of the game feeling fresh. All assets in the game were made by me except for the sound effects, with the 3D models being created within Maya and ported into Unity. The game includes a large range of different towers and enemies for the player to encounter.

  1. C# coding
  2. Maya model creation
  3. Creation of a tile-based map creation algorithm
  4. Programming enemy and tower artificial intelligence
  5. Creation a building placement system alongside an inventory system
  6. Long term project planning
  7. Game design and balance
  8. Character and tower design
  9. Time management

From coding the game, creating the art assets, and designing the general gameplay for it, I learned so much about Unity game development. I learned a lot about game creation from this project and had a lot of fun creating it. As a result, I have been able to expand and develop these skills to work on more challenging and exciting projects.